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Well, Greg has left the band, and the search for a new drummer half as good as Greg is has been a daunting task.  As we move into the New Year, maybe we look to start anew.  Whether my heart is in it at this time, I feel like it can't go on right now. I (we) started the band in the first place for Greg and myself, it has to lead to many good friendships and good times.  Anthony, Kar, and Scott, all hold a place in my heart and maybe if the right situations and the planets and stars align then maybe we will continue with the Jabbs.  I wish all our friends the best in the new year.  -peace- jeff

Wow haven't updated this in a long time, sorry bout that, so, some gigs have gone by and "a new wind is about to blow" hehehe Greg is leaving the band, and we're looking for a drummer now.  We may have another Riverside here in December, and that will be his last show.  Stay tuned for that.  Have a great thanksgiving Go Easton!  More news to come...

As some of you might know already Troy has left the band.  Basically our styles were just not the same in the end.  We wish him all the very best.
Some interesting news all comes out of this, Anthony is heading back over to guitar and our friend Kar has decided to re-join the Jabberwockys at bass guitar.  He did last Fridays show with us at Riverside and kicked some major butt.  We can't wait for our next show.  Those details will be coming soon.  Anyway, I want to thank everyone who wanted to audition, we weren't sure what we were going to do, but with Kar's return it has all fallen into place.  We are still interested in getting a keyboard player.

Just to keep you up on Jabb happenings, Anthony has made the leap to Bass and he is doing a great job, and we have Troy Shine jumping in on guitar.  He has alot of material to learn and we all are practicing hard to get back out playing, our rough estimate right now will be mid-May so right in time for summer.  We should have some gigs lined up shortly so stay tuned.  Also we have a new Message Board so check it out and sign up :)

ERRICO'S ROCKED!!! thank you all for coming out once again ! we're down to four members but just as lively and kick ass as ever.  we'd really really like to thank our two members we have tragically lost in the past two weeks ! Scott Craig was our first member besides the founders of the jabs but we sorely miss him already, but maybe sometime at a bar near you , you may see our x member , lady killer and great friend , come back on stage for a song of two.  Kar had a rippen' three sets for his last show, again , another member that will be sorely missed ! Regardless , the crowd was live and we thank you all ! come see us soon , we're now a power trio with a fourth , the singer , we will continue to rock you as long as you're there ! thanks and see you soon peeps !   SCOTT AND KAR , THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL OUR TIME WITH US ! WE LOVE YOU GUYS ! !!!!

We had a great time at Riverside Friday night, unfortunately Scott has decided not to do the Errico's show with this Saturday.  Come on out and help us say goodbye to Kar.  The Jabberwockys are going thru some changes and no doubt we will be back better than ever after all this, will have news on that in the very near future.  Thanks to our friends and fans who have supported us.  I owe a few of you some beers.  See you soon.

It's been a while since our last update, and it comes with some bad news, Scott, one of our guitarists, has decided to leave the band.  There are no hard feelings, and he needs to do what is best for him, and we wish him the best of luck.  The band will either be looking for a new guitarist or moving on as a 4 piece.  That much we haven't decided yet, only that we will keep on playing.  Scott will continue to play with us until we decide what to do, so as it stands right now the next 2 shows may be his last ones so make sure you come out and help us say goodbye to our friend!

Wow we just had a real good run in January, playing every weekend.  It was awesome to see all of you!  We are taking Feb. off and learning a bunch new tunes.  So come on out in March and see what we have in store.  We love you guys, you're making it all worth it!!!  See you in March!!! 

Happy New Year all! We just got back from a little R&R and had a great gig at the Scorecard in WindGap, thanks for everyone coming out, we will be back there on Friday Feb 3rd, just a couple of weeks away so tell a friend and come on out.  We have new pics that we just added from that gig.  See you all at the Ho this coming weekend!

We had a kickarse time at Errico's last week, what was up with the dude who snorted the salt and squeezed the lemon in his eye?  And last night at the Riverside was another rockin night.  Look for us back there in Feb or March.  Have a great Holiday season, and we'll see you in the New Year!!!

Thanks for everyone coming out Wednesday night to the Jax, we had a great time, keep those shots coming :)  we will be returning there at some point so stay tuned.  Have a great thanksgiving, see you at errico's!

TallyHo was an absolute blast!!!  Thanks for all of you coming out, it was awesome seeing you there.  We had a great time and the bar owner loved us and has asked us to come back as soon as possible, so were working with them to get a date right now, looks like it'll be in January so stay tuned!  We added pictures from the show to our pics page so check them out.  Can you believe its November all ready?!?!  Hope to see you Saturday at Errico's!

Hey hey we had another great night at Errico's.  Thanks again to all who braved the elements, what with us and rain? :)
*Note to self - don't stay out all night the night before a gig*
Have a Happy Halloween and we'll see you at the HO!

Just want to say thank you for all you fans who braved the rain and floods to come out to last nights show at Riverside Barr, we had a great time seeing all those familiar faces and some we haven't seen in a long time, it was fantastic!  I'm sure we'll be back to Riverside soon, so stay tuned.  Hope to see you all at the Errico's show on the 22nd.  Gotta get back to my flooded basement now :)  Peace

We had a fantastic time last night at Errico's and just to let you know we will be returning there every month now to do it all again.  Check out our schedule page for all the dates.  We'd like to thank all those who showed up last night to, and the familiar faces that we are seeing each time we play there now, we really appreciate all the support from you and hope you are having as much fun as we are.  We all look forward to seeing you all again, and bring some of your friends next time so we can turn Errico's upside down!  Special Thanks go out to SinFinger for opening up, you guys rocked!!!

Can I just say WOW!  Thanks everyone for making last nights gig so much fun, check the pictures page, to find out why hahaha.  Seriously, we had a great time at Errico's and we will be returning there on September 10th to do it all again.  I need to go back to bed now hehehe.  PS-Scott really thanks you for making his Birthday unforgettable!

Hey everyone, things are coming along, we're gearing up for our Errico's show next Saturday, August 13th.  We hope to see you all there, and help us celebrate Scott and Kar's Birthdays, Scott's is the 13th and Kar's is the 18th so we will be partying hard, with good times, good friends, and some darn good music.  See you there!

Hey we had a blast last night at Errico's, thank you to all for coming out, and very special thanks goes out to The Magnificent Bastards for letting us open up for them.  Also want to thank, Anthony DiFilippo for the cool pictures!

Just got back from the Riverside Barr and it was great to see all of you out there for our first official gig as The Jabberwocky's.  We're getting ready for next Saturday night at Errico's.  We can't wait!  I just added some pictures from today's gig to the pictures page, check them out.  They also gave us a full Friday night, so we'll see you back at Riverside October 7th at 10pm!!!